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Showing off…

This fine piece of animation is our latest 2012 show reel, showing all the fancy creative things we’ve been grafting on for the last 24 months!

The show reel was created to refresh our old 2010 show reel.

The original was created for an awards presentation we were required to give prior to winning the Creative Leicestershire Start-Up award 2010.  We decided that, since we deal with the visual, that a visual piece was the best way to communicate what we do.  Since it’s creation we’ve rocked this bad boy out on websites. trade shows and events.

21st July, 2012   |   11:41pm


This month 19 Grams say a fond farewell to our home for the past 2 years, the LCB Depot.  We’re changing our business structure slightly and will now be cherry picking our projects and operating on a less 9-5 basis.  Nevertheless, we’ve loved the last 2 years in LCB and hope to be seeing the fine fellows we’ve met there just as often!

21st July, 2012   |   10:25pm

No Complaints!

Say hello to ManageMyComplaints (or MMC) who asked us, in conjunction with those fine fellows at Workspace 1, to create a promotional animation for they services.

21st July, 2012   |   10:24pm

Historic Achievement

NWM Desert Display Main

It’s finally here!  On Saturday, New Walk Museum, Leicester opened up their newly refurbished Wildspace gallery complete with the snazzy 19 Grams displays we’ve been working so hard on.  Why not go check it out?

New Walk Museum drastically needed to refresh their outdated interactive displays in the ‘Wildspace’ exhibit.  Taking on the task we set about using modern web technologies to power our solution which, as well as being beautiful, is also future proof and fully automated.  That means that staff can rest easy as the machines start up in the mornings and shut down at night with no input needed.

21st July, 2012   |   10:22pm